Verified Claja Accounts Sell More!

By | September 24, 2016



To help build trust among Claja members and our visitors we suggest each member verify their account.

Studies show that listings posted by verified membersĀ get more hits and potentially sell more as well.

In the coming months we will begin highlighting listings posted by Verified Claja members. To keep Claja a safe online marketplace to buy, sell, trade and promote items in Jamaica; posts by non-verified members will be hidden behind a filter in Claja search.

To protect your privacy we verify your email via PayPal or your phone number via Quisk(coming soon). Providing PayPal with your identification is the most secure way to confirm your identity online.

If you already have a Quisk or PayPal account you are one step away from verifying your Claja account.

How to verify your Claja account?

Verifying your Claja account is easy. We automatically verify all accounts after the first paid listing; featured or extended. To verify your account directly follow the instructions below.

  1. Login to your Claja dashboard
  2. Click ‘Upgrade’ next to ‘Account Level:’