How to Grow your Business with Local Online Classifieds

By | October 11, 2016


Local Online Classifieds deliver customers that need your product or service right now!

Classified ads are a major source of customers for many small businesses. Whether local customers who read the Sunday Gleaner, or online customers intrigued by ads in search engines or social media; a good headline, a couple of lines of text, and a clear image can get potential customers calling you day and night.

If you need a PC repair man, to have a resume written, fix your refrigerator, or chop down that huge tree in your yard, what do you do? Check the classifieds, yellow pages or search online.┬áChances are you’ll look at classified ads in one form or another.

These small text-based ads are a significant source of customers for many small businesses. A free listing posted on Claja may be found via search engines and deliver customers who need your product or service now. More importantly, it grows future business by building your brand and establishing your credibility.

Although classified ad listings are short, to get good results from them takes practice. A poor headline or poorly written ad, no matter how carefully placed, is a waste of time and/or money.

Tips for Posting Online Classified Ads

To get a high return on investment from your classified advertising budget, keep these suggestions in mind when you post a listing.

Understand your Visitors and Customers

Many products and services can sell to different types of customers with different needs. Your listing should highlight your ability to meet those specific needs. For instance a job seeker may need your help not only writing a resume, but also sharing it to online sites or job agencies. For your listings to work they must to speak directly to what the customer needs.

Target the right Market

A pool cleaning service is likely to attract more responses in publications that circulate in a city vs one that gets distributed in a small town. Similarly, you’ll waste a lot of money on your surveyor service if you advertise on search engines and don’t geo-target the ad (having search engines only show your ad to people from the area you serve.)

People often read the classifieds on many different publications and websites, but read each with a different mindset. A businessperson might look in the local newspaper for someone to paint their house, but turn to a professional business magazine to find a contractor to perform similar services on a business property.

Do your Homework

Check the latest listings and study ads that appear consistently and weekly. Determine what makes those ads catch your attention. Do they mention a benefit? Are they different in some way from other classified ads on the page? Are they easy to spot because they are featured near the top of the ads on an online search?

Advertise in the same publications and same online media that your competitors do. If competitors have been advertising consistently in that publication, it’s likely to be a good place to put your ad. Try to determine what keywords your competitors are using to promote their business online. Use similar keywords in your own ads.

Make the First Few Words Count

The first couple lines in your classified ad must stop the reader’s eye from moving down or across the page and make them want to read more. To do that, those first couple of words must tell reader the solution your product or service offers. Online classifieds ad listings should contain the keywords the searcher typed into the search engine. Master this and you will gain the benefits of SEO in your ads.

Keep it Simple

A good classified ad is like a billboard: bold, clear and commanding. In as few words as possible, tell what you offer, who it benefits, why they should buy it from you asap, and most importantly how to contact you.

If your ad sounds like you are offering something too good to be true, most people will skip it.

Win customers and avoid trouble; facts sell, not hype.

Have Patience

Run each listing long enough to get indexed by search engines. Consider featuring your listings when posting in busy categories such as Cell Phones, Real Estate or Automobiles for Sale. Having your business listing appear on a regular basis builds name recognition, brand acceptance and helps to grow your business.

Always Proofread

Be sure you include a phone number or other contact information in the ad listing. Have someone else proofread your listing for typos and misspellings before publishing it in print or online.

Follow the Posting Rules

Most online classifieds have their own set of posting rules. Most commonly you should only post one listing per item online on any one service. Having multiple listings for a single item actually makes it harder for a customer to find you via online search. You listings will appear as spam, and likely be ranked lower in search. For this reason most online classifieds services remove accounts who abuse free listings.

Where to Start?



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