Traveling to Jamaica with Supplements & Vitamins

By | October 22, 2016

Supplements are popular around the world, they help improve general health, performance, muscle gain and weight loss. However, if you plan to travel be aware that not all countries have similar import laws to the one you came from.

imageIn particular, Jamaica has taken steps to seize and ban supplements and vitamins coming into the country. Let’s take a moment to talk about the Jamaica crackdown on importation of banned supplements so that you know everything you need to know before traveling to this country.

A Growing Problem

In early 2014, Jamaica was facing an epidemic it had not seen in some time. The country was having major issue with imported, banned substances. In particular, things like performance enhancing drugs, as well as some kinds of vitamins were considered being banned. These considerations were made into law in June 2014, when Jamaica created harsh anti-import laws designed to crack down on incoming supplements. In particular, a lot of sports supplements were banned because they in part contained things that were not on the label, making it challenging to track exactly what was and what was not coming into the country. With the blanket ban across the board on a wide range of supplements and vitamins, Jamaica has had success in limiting both the benefits and side effects of these supplements on their population.

What This Means For You

imageChances are you are not an international supplement or vitamin smuggler. A lot of the laws created to stop supplement and vitamin import may seem like they don’t apply to a tourist. However, be aware that the crackdown does extend to individuals and their supply of vitamins and supplements coming in. The fear is that you will sell it once you arrive, effectively sneaking past the ban. Because of this, there have been cases of individuals having their supplements and vitamins seized from them when arriving in Jamaica.

You can help prevent this from happening by looking through the list of vitamins and supplements that Jamaica has banned entry to their country. You can also look at their list for banned individual substances and compare it to the ingredients on the back of your supplement or if you are unsure about a supplement that you are going to buy online. Then have a good look around the product page as they usually list the ingredients at the bottom of the page, for example the C4 extreme product at Supplement Express lists its ingredients under ‘Additional product information ‘.

Additionally, you can also get past the regulations by getting a doctor’s note for what you are taking. Some people have had success having a professionally signed and notarized copy stating the importance of their medication. Be aware that if you fail to report your supplements or vitamins on entry, then you risk having them confiscated from you.

Last but not least, consider purchasing your health and wellness products in Jamaica locally for good measure.